Guide to installing stagit on macOS / OSX

On by Mitesh Shah

Stagit, a git web viewer, is relatively hard to find (at least it was for me), but I quickly fell in love with the simplicity. It’s easy to use, looks decent, and best of all it’s static. So here’s a small guide to install it on macOS because, well, do people even remember how to build and install programs without a package manager? :P

  1. First we need to install libgit2 dependency of stagit

     brew install libgit2

    This will install libgit2 in the location: /usr/local/Cellar/libgit2/0.24.1/ (the 0.24.1 version may vary, regardless home-brew will output the location where the library was installed, so take a note of it).

  2. Clone the stagit repository, since we will be building it on our own.

     git clone git://

    Now before moving on, you can either choose to build from the latest master commit, or checkout a version before building. If you want to build a version, find all the versions using:

     git tags -l


     # git checkout tags/<version> 
     # e.g.:
     git checkout tags/0.4
  3. Now edit the file in the directory as follows:

     # add /share/ after PREFIX
     MANPREFIX = ${PREFIX}/share/man
     # set the library path as determined in step 1
     GITINC = /usr/local/Cellar/libgit2/0.24.1/include/
     GITLIB = /usr/local/Cellar/libgit2/0.24.1/lib/
  4. Go back to command line and run:

     make install

If all went well, you can now man stagit and start using it.