TheLounge: self-hosted IRC server setup guide

On by Mitesh Shah

This is a simple guide to setting up TheLounge self hosted IRC server.

The official docs are a bit shaky, and I ran across some issues with docker so I decided to host thelounge without docker.

I’m assuming that we’re using Ubuntu 16.04 here.


First we install thelounge from Npm:

npm install -g thelounge

Now we create certificates for HTTPS/TLS/SSL:

mkdir -p $HOME/.lounge
cd $HOME/.lounge
openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.pem -x509 -days 365 -out cert.pem

Now run lounge start and see if a server sets up. By default the server will serve on port 9000 and will not have TLS enabled.

Edit this file $HOME/.lounge/config.js and enable tls and setup the absolute paths to key.pem and cert.pem we created earlier.

lounge start again and see if things work!

Now we need to run it in background and make the server restart if something goes wrong, this can be done using a systemd service:

Copy the following contents into /etc/systemd/system/lounge.service:

Description=The Lounge IRC client

ExecStart=/usr/bin/lounge start
User=mitesh #your username here


Now simply run:

systemctl enable lounge
systemctl start lounge

And VOILA! Go to https://your.server.i.p:<PORT-configured-in-config.js>/ and enjoy!